Explanation of chart: (The black background will not show if you print out your chart.)

This chart for your cria starts today, and runs for thirty days. The peaks of the cycles are marked by the asterisks and printed in green. The days marked in orange and red would be the worst times to re-breed.

We have had good success re-breeding on the peak of the left horn cycle which is marked by the three stars and field testing the female forty-eight hours later. Some of our females have caught on the light green, one star day on the downside of the cycle.

Over the years we have had animals become bred pretty well anywhere on the cycle, but we have found that our success rate is much higher by breeding on the peak of the cycle. The females are more willing and often only need to be bred once.

Breeding on the right horn cycle has worked sometimes, but we have found that very often the length of gestation will be an additional fifteen or twenty days.

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