Date of birth: October 2, 1997

A little bit about Zachary:

This young male appeals to everyone who sees him. He will make a great affordable pet llama for someone as he has a very gentle personality and is easy to work with. He has a nice thick coat of wool which is very soft. His full sister, born a year before him, is Bev Doolittle has turned out to be a very nice large girl.

Zachary has gone to a great home with lots of room to roam and a small herd of sheep to look after. He is still not too sure about the horses, but the horses are even less sure of him. The last report from his new owners says he is "wonderful". They fell in love with him and we are thrilled that he has been adopted by such a nice family that care deeply for their animals.

Zachary's background:


Canadian Ambassador
LW The Ambassador
Wyatt Earp
Chantilly Lace
Madame Priscilla


Miss Kiska
Boris Bedanoff

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