Date of birth: June 15, 2000

Our grandson, Graham’s very favourite llama
is Undine. He fell in love with her when they were
staying with us for a few months and she got a sliver
in her eye which meant that she had to have drops
put in her eye several times a day for quite a number of weeks.

She got very used to being handled and Graham always
related to her as she was such a calm animal.

Graham is four and a half and did this drawing of Undine
the other day on his Fisher-Price “Magna Doodle”.

It looks as if we will have to have a birthday party for Undine.

A little bit about Undine:

Undine’s mother showed no signs of imminent birth in the late morning of June 15th. An hour later we found the baby sitting up in a puddle which was a couple of inches deep. Her mother, Pinky, had a choice of three fields and a barn in which to deliver. She found the only puddle in the whole area. To commemorate this unusual birth we named her Undine after the female water sprite of folklore. The colour comes from her father, Rain Dancer. She is a very gentle, calm llama, with one of the nicest personalities you could ever ask for.

Undine with her mother
a few minutes after being born.

You can see the puddle
on the right side,
under the maple tree.

She still has some of the
birth membrane on her back.

MLL Undine’s background:


Rain Dancer
Fortune Teller


Miss Pink Lady
Boris Bedanoff
Cherry Brandy

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