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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Trading Cards

Wills cigarette card

Issued by Wills Cigarettes
in 1900 from the set
“Wild Animals of the World”.

Ardath Cigarette card, llama

1925 Ardath cigarette tobacco card
of a llama.

Ardath Cigarette card, alpaca

1925 Ardath cigarette tobacco card
of an alpaca.

Oxo cubes card

This card was distributed by
Oxo Cubes in 1932.

Ogden Cigarette card

Ogden Cigarette card, 1937.

Gordon Bread card

Gordon Bread card, 1950.

Coles card

Coles card, 1950s.

trading card

This card was issued in the UK
by Badshah Tea Co. in 1970.
From a set of 25 cards
entitled “People and Places”.

Ava Card, alpaca Ava Card, alpaca

This card pair was issued in the UK by Ava Americana around the 1980s.
Known as “Transpics” they are transfers, printed on plastic
and have a reverse peelable backing.
The cards were given as a premium with gum products.

Suchard Chocolate card

This card was issued in Europe by Suchard,
who makes chocolate and candy, prior to 1910.
It is from a series of cards depicting
“Modes of Transportation”.

Oak Manufacturing card

These cards were made by
Oak Manufacturing in the 1950s
and sold in their vending machines.

turkish Cross card

Turkish Cross-Cut Cigarette trade card
showing Peru’s coat of arms and a llama.

On the back is a write up of W. Duke Sons & Co.,
Durham, N.C. and New York.

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