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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Miscellaneous llama stuff

Dye label, Belgium

This chromolithograph label, circa 1890s are from the Paul Entrop Dye Company in Mechelen, Belgium. Belgium was, and is, noted for its dyes as they had the natural resourses of the Belgium Congo, hence the African Congo motif on these beautiful old labels.

Valley of Cooco

Poster stamps from Eagle Condensed Milk
Peruvian Milk Llama.

fossil llama mandible

This is the right mandible from a juvenile llama Hemiauchenia macrocephala.

It was collected from the Pleistocene age deposits in the Suwanee River in North Florida. It measures over six inches.

Argentine history book

This photo is from a 1942 book
on the history of Argentina.

Gourd and lid showing llama

A gourd and lid with a carved llama.

Keif Llama comic book

Keif Llama science fiction comic book.

It was published in 1999
and the story and art
are by Matt Howarth.

Lama helicopter

A Lama helicopter.

Leather cup with llama

A leather cup
with a llama.

Leather cigar pouch

A leather cigar pouch
from Peru.

Llama razor blade

Razor blade package
which dates from the 1920s
to the 1940s.

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