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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Wine and drink labels with llamas

Quara wine label

A new wine brand from Argentina is called Quara.

Quara actually means “llama” in the ancient Inca dialect
and a llama is their brand mascot.

Fraser Valley Llama club wine label

Back in 2001 the Fraser Valley Llama and Alpaca Club had some wine bottled showing the club logo which was designed by Clarence Wells.

Funky Llama wine label

Another wine from Argentina is called Funky Llama.

Big Fat Llama wine label

Our good friend Janet Boyhan
found this brand in Seattle recently.

Casa Marin wine label Casa Marin wine label Casa Marin wine label
Viña Casa Marin wine labels from Chile
showing petroglyph drawings of llamas.

Llama Roble wine label

This wine is called Llama Roble
and is from Bodegas Marco Real S.A.
in Mendoza, Argentina.

Lauca Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon wine label

Lauca Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon label
from the Lauca Vineyards and Winery
in Valley del Maule, Chile.

Anekena wine label

This Anekena wine label has an illustration
of a pushmi-pullyou type of petroglpyh llama.

It is from the Anakena Winery
in the Alto Rapel valley of Chile.

Llama wine label

This wine is called Llama
and is from Belasco de Baquedano
in Mendoza, Argentina.

A close-up of their llama logo is shown below:

Llama wine label

llama bottle stopper

If you are drinking wine
with a llama label
you should definitely
have a bottle stopper
like this Peruvian one
from the 1940s.

Llama beer clock

Time for a beer!

Budweiser beer mug

Budweiser South America Stein

“Animals of the Seven Continents”

This stein, the sixth in a series,
showcases the Powerful Jaguar,
the Hardworking Llama,
and the Colorful Flamingo.

llama lager beer labels

Next time we are in London
we will have to try this British beer.

Pisco ad

Pisco is a traditional
South American drink.

This ad is from 1976.

Lucky Dog shot glass

This shot glass
advertising Lucky Dog Beer
has a green llama
wearing a funky tassled hat.

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