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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Lama Companies and People

Grand Lama

This print, engraved by Malbot
about 1665 in France
shows the Grand Lama of Tibet.

Green Lama comic book

This Green Lama
comic book
is dated January, 1944
and is the Christmas issue.

Stereoview picture of lama temple arch
If you can have a green lama, obviously you can have a white lama.
This stereoview picture is the White Lama Temple Arch in Peking, China

(If you have a stereo viewer you can view this in 3-D.)

Lorenzo Lamas

An autographed photo
of movie star
Lorenzo Lamas.

Cowboy boots

If you search for “Lama”
on the Internet you will find
a number of sites about Tony Lama,
the company in El Paso, Texas,
that makes cowboy boots.

Model helicopter

SA 135B
model kit.


A 45 cal. Llama pistol.
Llama patch Stoeger patch

A couple
of patches
you can wear
to prove
you have a
a pistol
or a llama
(or both).

Advertising banner

A silk
banner for
and pistols.

Llama book

The Llama Book —
Learning Perl
by Randall Schwartz
is about learning
a compuer language.

They also have a Camel Book.

match box

La Llama is a brand of matches sold in Peru.

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