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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Lama Prints

species group print

This print showing the four llama species
is from Bernard Grzimek’s
“Animal Life Encyclopedia”
published in 1973.

This print and the following five
were kindly sent to us by
John K. Smith of Whangarei, New Zealand

Mammals of the World print

The art work by Wilhelm Eigner in this print
is from a book by Hans Hvass titled
“Mammals of the World”
which was published in 1961.

It shows two llamas on the top left
a guanaco bottom left
alpacas top right
and a vicuña on the bottom right.

lama species group

From a German book published in 1977
“Enzklopadie Der Tiere”
(Encyclopedia of Animals).

Art work by Wilhelm Eigner.

Vicuna with twins print

Vicuña mother with twin crias,
from and Italian book “Wildlife in Peril”
published in 1977.

Painting by Piero Cuzzoguo.

Small lama

This great print is from a set of cards
titled “Unser Zoo” (Our zoo) which were
inserted in the German Newspaper
Berlin Morgen Post in 1961.

Art work by Wilhelm Eigner.

Llama head print

This beautiful head painting is from a book titled
“Studies of Birds and Animals of South America”.

The artist is Axel Amuchastres

Llamas in South America print

This lithograph of a herd of llamas
from South America was published in 1860
in “Animals of the World”.

Aconcagua and llamas print

This is a Russian color chromolithograph
published by Prosveschenie, St. Peterburg in the1890s.

Llama print

Titled “Ride Around the World”
this was printed in Switzerland.

Windsor castle llama print

This print of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
shows them encountering some llamas
in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The original painting is by John Herring.

Lake Titicaca print

This illustration with a caption of
“View of Lake Titicaca”
is from a book called
“A Geographical Reader”
published in 1882.

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