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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Old Postcards and Photographs

Llama herd

This postcard is from 1920 and the photo of the llama herd was taken near Arequipa, Peru.

I would assume that the volcano in the background is El Misti which overlooks Arequipa.

Man with llama

This is another postcard
from the 1920 era
and is of a man
with his llama
in Puno, Peru.
In actual fact,
the face resembles
an alpaca more than
it does a llama.

The title at the bottom is
“Inseparable Companions”.

Woman with llama

This postcard is circa 1940 and the photo of the woman with the llama was taken near Cuzco, Peru by Martin Chambi.

Indian with llama

This postcard
is the same vintage
as the one above,
taken in the same area
by the same photgrapher.

Llama herd at San Mateo station

This photograph, circa 1900, shows a herd of pack llamas at the San Mateo railway station in Peru.

Llama postcard from 1900

This Peruvian postcard
from the 1900s
is titled
“Llamas transportando carga
— Arequipa”

Llama in Bolivia

This postcard, circa 1940, is from Bolivia.

The volcano in the background is Illimani which is close to La Paz.

Vicuna postcard from Peru

This postcard
from Peru
shows a vicuña.

Llama in Bronx Zoo New York

This postcard, circa 1944,
is from New York Bronx Zoo.

The back caption reads:
“Toodle, the baby Llama from the Andes,
in the Children’s Zoo in the Brox Zoo, New York.
Toodle has soft, silky hair and likes to be petted.”

Boys on llamas

This postcard from Ecuador
shows some llamas
in with a herd of sheep.

Llamas in Peru

This postcard
from Peru
shows some llamas
grazing in the altiplano.

Pack lamas in Peru

An early
from Peru
pack llamas.

Llamas in Arizona

This postcard is from
the Log Cabin Trading Post
in Sanders, Arizona
and probably dates
from the 1940s.

Lamas in Missouri

A postcard
from Buena Vista’s
Exotic Animal Paradise
near Springfield, Missouri.

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