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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Llama Carts

Llama cart postcard

This old postcard
shows a group
of children in a
llama cart.

Llama cart postcard

Unique Llama Ride
at 1000 Alive Fur & Game Animals
Sterline Alaska Fur & Game Farms, Inc.
Lake Placid, NY.

This postcard was published in the 50s.

Llama postcard from England

A postcard
from the 1920s or ’30s
showing a llama
pulling a cart
in the gardens
of the Zoological Society
in Regent’s Park, London.

Llama postcard from England

The writing on the bottom
of this old postcard says
“The Llama,
South American representative
of the camels of the old world”.

Llama postcard from England

Children in Llama cart.

The text on the bottom
of this postcard says
“The Llama.
This domesticated animal is the
South American representative
of the camels of the old world.”

It dates from 1924.

Toy llama cart

A toy llama
pulling a cart.

It is made of die cast metal.

Gold llama and cart
This gold llama and cart
was made by John Mack.

He has some fabulous
llama jewelry on his web site.

Llama cart trading card

This trading card with a llama and cart
was issued by the British American Tobacco Co. Ltd. in 1928.

There are more trading cards on page twenty-eight.
Llama cart in London Zoo

The same image as above
was used in this postcard
which dates from 1924.

It was issued by
the London Zoological Society.

Llama cart in zoo Llama cart in zoo

These two photos are from
an old book published
by an English zoo.

Toy llama cart

This llama zoo ride toy was made by
Taylor & Barrett who were English toy makers
noted for their zoo accessories.

toy llama and cart

This llama and cart
was also made by
Taylor & Barrett.

Toy llama cart

Another Taylor & Barrett cart.

toy llama and cart

Llama Cart Ride
by Taylor & Barrett
circa 1930.

 British American Tobacco card

This card was issued overseas by the British American Tobacco Co. Ltd. (B.A.T.) in 1917. It is an unnumbered card from a set of 32 cards known as “Transport of the World”. The front of the card shows an artist drawn representation of Llamas “for draft and saddle”.

Wills card

This trade card was issued in 1922
by W.D. & H.O. Wills.

Jacob zoo card

This trade card was issued by
Jacob’s Biscuit Co. in 1924
on the theme of the zoo.
Postcard detail, llama and cart

A detail from a postcard
illustrated by C.T. Howard and
captioned “Elephants at the Zoo”.

The scene was probably taken from
the London Zoo at Regents Park.

There are more llama carts on page 31.

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