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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Lama Prints

guanaco hunt

The first three prints
on this page were done
in Chile by
Claudio Gay around 1800.

“Caza de los guanacos”
(guanaco hunt).

puma hunting

The puma
on the right
is stalking
the guanacos.

“Vista del Volcan de San Fernando”

Laja Lake

“Vista de la Laguna de la Laja”

I think those are
llamas or guanacos
on the rocks
in the foreground.

moose and llama

Llama, Musk Deer and Moose
from a German book dated 1874
“Natural History of the Animal Kingdom”
by Dr. Heinrich Von Shubert.

Hand-coloured print
of a strange combination.

Pack train

“Llama Pack Train”

from Scribner’s Monthly
Vol. 14, May 1877.

Small lama

“La Vigogne” small lama

A copperplate engraving
by George Louise Leclerc Buffon.
from Histoire Naturelle 1749 - 88.

Hunting llamas

This engraving was published in
The Daily Graphic, March, 1873
in New York.

It is titled “Hunting Llamas in South America”.

Dall Sheep and Llama

This print
of a Dall Sheep
and a llama
is from
Oliver Goldsmith
Natural History
published in 1820.


“De Guanaco”
The Silky Llama

from a Dutch book
dating from 1864.

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