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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Llama Music Groups

Tequila Snortin Llamas

The “OTHER” Little ol' band from Texas.

The Tequila Snortin Llamas is a good time Rock and Roll band
spanning from the ripping guitar based songs of the 1960s
to today’s power driven music to Texas driven blues.

Bean Soup CD

The Llama Beans
are a new acoustical folk band
playing original material.

High Llamas Hawaii CD cover

Whenever you use a search engine to look for “llamas”
there will be a number of sites show up for this
English rock group,The High Llamas.

This CD is described as Beach Boy type
alternative power pop.


You can
also get a
High Llamas “cozy”
to keep your
drinks cold.
Yellow poster

Llama Farmers

Another UK
rock and roll group
are the Llama Farmers.

The poster
on the right
is for their
recent single

Dali’s Llama Dali’s Llama CD

A punk band named Dali’s Llama started in 1993, performing live
and releasing their first CD “Pre Post Now” to a small underground following.

Serge Lama

This CD
French songs
by the
French artist
Serge Lama.


The group Phish
has a song
called “Llama”.

Lama orchestra

“A Lama Orchestra
at the Devil Dance —
Two-man trumpets;
overhead drums
short trumpets
said to be of human bones:
the band at the
Yellow Temple, Peking”
— from the
London Illustrated News

Los Llamas

The CD on the left
is by a Cuban Group
called Los Llamas.

Llama Kings

The CD on the right
is called “Omphloskepsis”
and is by The Llama Kings.

Constant Llama

All I know
is that this is
an alternative
music group.

Silverchair T-Shirt

The band Silverchair
has a fan club called
The Llama Appreciation Society.

The picture on the right
is a 1995 concert T-Shirt
with a picture of a purple llama
with six arms on the front.

house of llama logo

The group House of Llama
has an interesting logo of a llama with six legs.

There are any number of other bands which use the word “llama” in their name.
The following list is a few that I have run across.

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