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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Old Pictures and Postcards of Llamas

Llama and Alpaca

A llama and alpaca
are featured on this wood engraving
by de Sainson which was printed
in Paris circa 1838.

French engraving

This engraving
is from l'Histoire Naturelle
printed in 1850.

It was drawn by
a French naturalist
Georges Louis Leclerc

Llama and vicuna

This chromo/lithograph, titled
“Musk Deer; Llama; Vicunia: Sooty Paca”
is from the National Natural History
printed in London around 1870.

Llamas in Peru

This postcard
from 1922 is titled
“Grupo de Llamas
en el Cerro de Pasco (Peru)”.

Natives with llamas

This photograph
is from “Lands of the Andes
and Desert” was taken
in Peru around 1924.

Pack train

This photograph was
taken at the same time
as the photo above.

Llama postcard

The title of this postcard, circa 1917, is
“Llamas en el Via Mina Gertrudis, Morococho, Peru”
which translates as
Llamas on the Rails of the Gertrudis Mine Train.

Camel and llama print

This print
from the 1800s
shows an alpaca,
a black “lama”
and an
Arabian camel.

Llama postcard

This card
features a photo
taken in New York City
in 1957.

Llamas in Peru

This postcard
is from
Macchu Picchu
in Peru.

Caravan of llamas

This postcard
shows a caravan of
pack llamas in Peru.

Volcanoes in Chile

This postcard shows
llamas grazing near the volcanoes
Pomerape and Parinacota
in Lauca Park in Northern Chile.

When I ran across
this postcard recently
I was excited by the similarity
to the panorama picture below
which has been displayed
on the shelf above my computer
since I took the photo in 1992.

Volcanoes in Chile

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