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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Fabric Items with Llamas

Wall hanging

This hand-woven
wall hanging from Peru
shows an Aymara woman
and her llama
with the Andes mountains
in the background.

Woven wall hanging

This woven wall hanging
is a Quechua folk art rug
where the wool is coloured
with natural ingredients;
tree roots, wild grasses
and charcoal.

Fur rug

This wall hanging from Peru
is made from llama and alpaca skins
and and shows a condor and a llama
along with a person playing a flute.

Tapestry from Peru

This handwoven tapestry
was done in Peru by Victor Lauro
and is made of llama wool
coloured with natural dyes
made from flowers and berries.


This poncho
which comes from
Central America
has a slit to put
your head through.

Llama poncho

Here is a
very attractive
poncho with
a couple of
long-legged llamas.

weaving with llamas

This wall hanging
has a typical
llama design
from Peru.

Wool socks with llama design

Here is
a pair of
wool socks
from Peru
with a typical
llama design.

Pack llama tapestry

This tapestry of
pack llamas,
from San Pedro, Peru,
is made from
sheep wool coloured
with natural dyes.

Llama on silk

This is a tobacco silk
issued by Imperial Tobacco Co.
in Canada in 1915
as a premium in its products.

The flag is Chilean.

Mexican plate

Mexican plate
A stitched
and quilted
square depicting
a Peruvian village,
a potato garden
and a llama
with a load.

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