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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Paintings and Prints

Print of a llama

This colour litho print
of a llama was published
in 1901 in a rare
British Natural History book.

Peruvian oil painting

This oil painting
was done in Peru
in the 1930s.

Peruvian painting

A painting of
Machu Picchu
in Peru.

Painting from Ecuador

This folk art painting from Ecuador
is painted on sheepskin leather
stretched over a wooden frame.

Angel llama

And I thought
our fences were
high enough . . .

This print of a “Llama Angel”
is by Darline Grubbs.

Llama mama print

This beautiful print
is also done by
Darline Grubbs.

Horses and llama

The title of this print is
“Songs of Paradise I”
by Annrika McCavitt.

The llama is sort of hidden
by the bushes.

Two llamas in a landscape

This print, a reproduction
of a 1912 painting by Lauren Agasse
is titled “Two Llamas in a Landscape”

Llama painting

Oil on canvas
Peruvian scene of
the Andes with a few llamas
in the foreground
by M.A. Vera, circa 1920.

Llama painting

This oil painting,
is by the same artist as
the above painting,
is oil on a wooden panel.

Llama painting

Another oil painting
on a wooden panel
by M.A. Vera, circa 1920.

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