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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Variations on a name

Dalai Lama

Because they think of
the Dalai Lama,
many people confuse
“lama” with “llama”
and then think that llamas
come from Tibet.

Dolly and Ollie Llama

Then there is Dolly Llama.

These toy llamas are known as Dolly and Ollie.

Deli Llama logo

Seeing that we have the Dalai Lama
and Dolly Llama, it shouldn’t be a surprise
that someone came up with the Deli Llama.
You can thank Deli Llama Wilderness Adventures
in Bow, Washington for doing that.
deli llama coaster

Here is a coaster portraying the Deli Llama.

Dali Llama

From the Museum of Llama Art
in Mount Lehman, British Columbia
we are proud to present the Dali Llama.

This is one of the few know paintings of
Salvador Dali’s pet llama.

More famous paintings with llamas.

Dali Llama

If we can have a Dalai Lama,
a Dolly Llama,
a Deli Llama,
and a Dali Llama,
I suppose there is no reason
that we can’t have
a Doily Llama.

dolly llama - pring

I just love this Will Bullas print titled “dolly llama”.

dolly llama - bag

This wheeled duffel bag for the serious traveler
is also called the “Dolly Llama”.

dalis llama cot com

The following is from the first page of this site:

this is a silly site . . .
no socially redeeming value . . .
no structure or sense . . .
a very personal site . . .

Daily Llama

This page wouldn’t be complete
without including Monty Python’s Daily Llama.

Llama patch

And then there’s
a Dali Llama rubber stamp.

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