Mount Lehman Llamas Photo Index

To make it easier for students or anyone looking for llama pictures
we have posted thumbnails of some of our photos on this page.
These are only a few of our pictures as it would be impractical, if not impossible
to show them all as there are around 2,500 pictures on our pages at this time.

If you can’t find one you want,
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Miscellaneous Llama Photos

Alert llamas Mount Baker Llamas chasing a dog Llama on the beach
Llama, Autumn Wind Reflection Llama with leaf in mouth Young llama Shorn llama
Llama having a dustbath Llama in a parade Llama visiting a hospital patient Llama visiting a school Llama guarding sheep
Child riding a llama Llama skeleton Llama standing on fence Llama nursing Llama pulling a cart

Llama Cria Pictures

Llama being born Llama birthing Baby llama, Nandu Baby llama, Ivana Trump Baby llama, Georgia O’Keeffe
Baby llama, Farrah Facet Baby llama, Tanisha Llama cria with her mother Llama cria with her mother Baby llama in fall leaves

Llama Hiking Pictures

Llama going through a creek Leading llamas past a mountain lake Llama hiking near Storm Mountain, Alberta Llama hiking near Hopkins Lake, Washington Llama jumping over a creek
Llama with stormy sky Llamas in Kananaskis, Alberta Llama in the Shulaps Mountains Llama in snow Llama in mountains, Taylor Basin
Llama in the Shulaps Mountains Llamas in flower meadows

Llama and Alpaca Pictures from South America

Guanaco picture alpaca picture Chilean llama and cria picture Chilean llama picture Llama in Chile
Alpaca in Peru Llama herd in Peru Llama herder in Peru Herd of llamas in Peru Llamas at Sacsahauman in Peru
Pack llamas in Peru Two alpacas in Peru Alpaca in Peru Chulengo with guanaco mom in Patagonia Vicunas in Northern Chile

Llama Hay Feeders

Llama hay feeder, satellite dish roof Llama hay feeder Hay feeder

Llama Anaglyphs

Anaglyph of llama with head through gate Anaglyph of llama in barn doorway Anaglyph of llama, Llamaryllis Anaglyph of llama and dog Anaglyph of llama, Rain Dancer

(red/blue glasses needed to view these pictures)

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