Date of birth: May 6, 1996

A little bit about Salvador Dali:

Salvador Dali was loaded out for a couple of years to some friends to keep one of their young males company. While there he got used to being around sheep and we feel that he will make an excellent sheep guard. He is very alert, always alarm calling whenever he sees anything unusual.

Update. Salvador got a job as a sheep guard and has settled in with his new flock.

Second update. The following comments and photo arrived in a recent e-mail from his new owners:

“Have not lost any sheep since Salvador was hired. He not only guards the flock from coyotes and dogs but he also makes sure they all stay together and none of the lambs get left behind. Yesterday, two lambs got left in the barn and were bawling because they did not know where the rest of the flock went. We watch Sal come in from the field and then drive the two lambs out to where the rest of the flock were.

Now all we have to do is get him to start throwing down hay from the loft and give the sheep grain every night.”

Salvador Dali's background:


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