Date of birth: June 19, 1997

A little bit about Ñandú:

When Ñandú was born we were completely stunned as she was the first appaloosa llama that we had born on our farm. Beside the different shades of brown, she has black, white and orange areas of fibre. Her mother's offspring all have Patagonian names and the "ñandú" is the Spanish name for the Darwin's Rhea, a type of spotted emu that lives among the guanacos in the Patagonia region of Chile. Ñandú has very correct conformation.

MLL Ñandú's background:


VV's Butch Casidy
SK Karo
Polka Dot Doolittle
Este Double Butterscotch
Coco Butter


MLL Patagonian Princess
Springfield's Lazo
St Stop Aretha Franklin
Commander Cody
Sun Valley Allison

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