Llama farms in New Zealand

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We drove down to the South Island and visited Robyn Robinson at Llama Lookout in Governors Bay, just north of Christchurch . . .

Robinson house and llamas

Robyn’s llamas come right down the hill to graze on the lawn beside the house.

Robinson barn and hill

Their pastures go right up the hill above the barn.

llama with straw

One of Robyn’s llamas . . .

Young llama

This cute guy is one of Robyn’s young llamas.

Pot luck dinner at Robinsons

We had a pot-luck dinner at the Llama Lookout, even the llamas came by.

Keith and Lynn Payne of Penscoft from Ashburton came up for the dinner and invited us to visit them.

Fred and Emma Schwithal of Palmdale Llamas in Oxford also invited us for a visit.

Palmdale llama

This is one of Fred and Emma’s studs.

Palmdale cria

This cria at Palmdale Llamas was only a couple of days old. There was another cria in the field who looked identical, you would have thought that they were twins.

Keith Payne

Keith Payne with a couple of his pack llamas.

Payne alpaca

We interrupted one of Keith and Lynn’s alpacas while he was having a snack.

Janette Buckingham with llama

We drove down to Tokanui in the Southland to visit Janette Buckingham at Thickthorne Llamas and Janette took us out immediately to visit some of her llamas.

Guanaco at Buckinghams

Janette has a herd of guancos and she and her husband, George, drove us out to see them.

guanaco herd

A couple of the guanco females with a number of the young. The youngsters are called chulengos.

Buckingham chulengo

The chulengos are really cute. They all look identical, there are no variations in colour as there are in llamas.