Llama farms in New Zealand

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After visiting the Chans we visited Penny King at Karma Llamas at Waitakere which is close to Auckland . . .

Karma Llamas

Penny and her musician husband Paul Symons live in a lovely private valley.

This photo is taken at the top of their driveway showing the male’s pastures. The roof of the house is just visible through the trees and the females had pastures down the hill from there.

Geoff and Jenny with their llamas

Penny takes customers out on llama hikes so we loaded up two of her llamas, Max and Lawson, into her van and drove to Bethell’s Beach looking out on the Tasman Sea.

We had visited Geoff Clarke and Jenny Arscott at their farm, Willows Reach in Kumeu, earlier and they joined us with two of their llamas. The road to the beach had beautiful pampas grass along the way.

Jane and llama on Bethells Beach

Bethell’s Beach was even more beautiful than Penny had indicated. Jane walked Max down to the shore and got their feet wet.

Penny and llama

Lawson had never even been in the van before, but he enjoyed his first trip to the beach with Penny.

Geoff and Jenny on beach with llamas

This was also the first trip to the beach for Geoff and Jenny’s llamas and the four of them had a wonderful day.

Llamas like to look around and make certain that everything is safe. These two are alertly checking out the surf, which is something they have never seen before.

Jane and llama on beach

I think that Jane liked hiking on the beach because there were no hills to climb.

llamas in the sand dunes

We took a detour on our way back to the vehicles through an area of huge sand dunes. It was like hiking though a desert.

Penny in the sand dunes

Penny and Lawson going into the wind.