Llama farms in New Zealand

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We continue our tour of New Zealand llama farms in the north island and travel down to Warkworth and visit Judy and Neil Chan at Windchime Meadows . . .

llamas on water tank

The farms in New Zealand all collect their rain water in big concrete tanks. When we came out to the deck at the back of the house, two of their young boys were standing on top of one of their water tanks.

handsome llama

Judy and Neil have both llamas and alpacas. This is one of their handsome llamas.

white alpaca

This is one of Judy’s female alpacas.

baby alpaca

A cute baby alpaca.

brown alpaca

Alpacas have woolly heads compared to most llamas so the heads look large when their necks are shorn.

Scott Farm

Judy took for on a tour around the area and we called in to see Bev and John Scott at B. J. Farm in Warkworth.

This picture is taken on one of their pastures looking down at their house and Omaha Bay.

Alpaca nursing

The Scotts have quite a number of alpacas and a few llamas.

One of their young alpacas was having lunch while we were there.

baby alpaca nursing

This alpaca cria had been born the day before and the weather was quite cool so it had a cria coat on to protect it.

black and white alpaca brown alpaca

A couple of alpacas on the Scott farm.