A visit to some llama farms in New Zealand

In February of 2007 we flew to New Zealand to visit a number of friends with llamas.

We start our tour of New Zealand llama farms in up north in Kerikeri near the Bay of Islands . . .

steel llama

We visited a long-time friend Julie Insley at Rangemore Llama Farm and were greeted by her steely-eyed guard llama.

reflecting llamas

Between Julie’s house and the pastures is a beautiful fish pond.

llama - Poetry in Motion

Some of Julie’s llamas . . .

Poetry in Motion.


This handsome guy is Musicman.

Jos under the fern trees

We took a trip with Julie over to the west coast with a couple of her llamas, Jos and Poetry. Jos looks right at home under the fern trees.

Creek crossing

We took a couple of llamas for a hike on an old road through the bush. Penny King is negotiating a small creek, full of boulders, with a wary Jos.

Penny on the trail

The ferns are huge in this part of the country so it was fascinating hiking along this old trail.

Me and my llama

I had to have a photo of myself on the trail to prove that I had been llama hiking in New Zealand.

Peter at the Rainbow Warrior Monument

A few days later we visited Matauri Bay on the east coast. There is a monument to the Rainbow Warrior on the top of the hill. The ship has been sunk out in the bay and can be explored by scuba divers. Julie’s partner, Peter Webster and I hiked up to the monument with Jos.

Jos on beach

Back down in the bay, Jos was fascinated by some scuba divers who disappeared from his sight.