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1. Where do llamas come from?

A. Tibet        B. South America        C. Mars

2. What do llamas eat?

A. Llama Beans        B. Blackberries        C. Grass

3. What kind of noise does a llama make?

A. Scream        B. Hum        C. Orgle        D. Cluck

4. How far can a llama spit?

A. Two feet        B. Six feet, six inches        C. Approximately eleven feet

5. Why would a llama spit?

A. To clear its throat        B. Because it is angry        C. To establish dominance

6. What color are llamas?

A. White        B. Brown        C. Black        D. Multicolored

7. What are llamas related to?

A. Guanacos        B. Emus        C. Alpacas        D. Camels

8. Can llamas be crossed with . . .

A. Emus?        B. Alpacas?        C. Zebras?

9. How many toes does a llama have?

A. Two        B. Three        C. Five        D. Eight

10. What is a baby llama called?

A. Chulengo        B. Calf        C. Cria

11. What is the gestation length for a llama?

A. 40 days      B. 108 days      C. 220 days      D. 266 days

E. 350 days      F. 395 days      G. 406 days      H. 640 days

12. How long have llamas been domesticated?

A. 100 years      B. 1000 years      C. 5000 years

13. What do people use llamas for?

A. Sheep guards      B. Cart driving      C. Fibre producers      D. Backpacking

14. Can you ride a llama?

A. Yes      B. No

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