The largest llama

Fossil llama

The largest llama we could find is housed in the Florida Museum of Natural History and it stands about six and a half feet high at the shoulder. Its age is probably close to nine million years. You can read all about it on their web site.

However, with a little research we have found and even larger and older llama. This one is billions of years of age and its size is many light years across.

Celestial llama

In the mountains of Peru, away from city lights, the sky is extremely dark and the stars shine brightly. The Milky Way is so bright that the Quechua called it “The River”. There are huge clouds of interstellar dust which obscure parts of the Milky Way and the Quechua gave names to these dark patches. The dark cloud (called the Coalsack) that they named “The Llama” nearly fills the sky during the rainy season. The smaller patch on its lower side is said to be its suckling baby. The eyes of the llama are two bright stars, Alpha and Beta Centauri.