We go to school . . .

Llamas in the class room

Last year we visited our grandson Graham’s kindergarten class and took the llamas right into the classroom. Naturally that caused a bit of excitement throughout the school and we had to visit most of the other classes as well. This year his grade one teacher decided that she would rather just have us show pictures . . .

Jane spinning

Jane showed the children some of her finished knitted and felted items and demonstrated spinnng for them. I told them a little about llamas, showed them our information display and and answered their questions.

Jane spinning

Here are a few drawings from some of the thank you cards we received later . . .

Drawing by Alexandra

Alexandra obviously liked the spinning wheel.

Drawing by Alexandra

Drawing by Samantha

Samantha has the wool coming off of the llama
as well as a pack on its back.

Drawing by Gordie

Over on the right
Gordie has drawn a cool humanized llama
but I am worried about that dark cloud.

Drawing by Carley Drawing by Carley

Carley couldn’t “beelive”
that you could put wool
in Kool-Aid

Drawing by Connor Drawing by Connor

Connor liked the
“spotd lamu”.

Jane was impressed with
his drawing of her
with the white hair.

Drawing by Danielle

Danielle liked the wool
and the spinning wheel.

Drawing by Graham

Graham liked handing out
the llama posters
to his classmates.

Drawing by Kirklynd Drawing by Kirklynd

Kirklynd has drawn
a very tall
happy pack llama
as well as a great picture
of the spinning wheel.