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Festus Farnsworth

P.O. Box 401, Boonville, Missouri

Come and enjoy our weekly cockfights!

Every Saturday night starting at 8:00 pm

cockfighting picture

Cockfighting is perfectly legal in Missouri and you are welcome to partake in our on-site betting.

We are just a few miles west of Boonville on I-70.

New! Starting the first Thursday in April . . .

Monthly Llama Fights!

Prize money depends on the number of entries plus a percentage of the bets,
but will never be less than $2500.

Llama Owners . . .

Here is the chance for you to get rid of those unruly male llamas
that you have been having trouble with.

We are looking to buy berserk males
or any other whole males (no geldings)
preferably ones who have behavior problems.

We will pay more for males who still have their fighting teeth.

You are welcome to bring your own male
to fight with ours or other males who may be brought in.

If you have male llamas for sale
or want to reserve a spot for your own male,
E-mail Festus at . . .

APRIL SPECIAL: Entry fee will be only $250.