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Christmas Cards


This was the first year that we decided to make our own Christmas cards.
We silk-screened them on the kitchen table.

Front        Inside


John had arrived and it seemed like a good idea to have cards
with cartoons that showed the boys as they grew up.

Front        Inside


John always had his books upside down and his shoes untied.

The mistake with this card was that we had to hand letter every name
on the inside in the same style of lettering.

Front        Inside


This was the year that we bought the cabin at Marshall Lake.

Front        Inside        Full view


Five-year-old Geoffrey drew the picture for this year’s card.

Front        Inside


Geoffrey did the picture again this year.
The boys were at a good age to help with the silk-screening,
they would spread the cards on the floor to dry.

Front        Inside


Happy faces were the “in” thing in the mid-seventies.

Front        Inside

There was a mail strike, so there were no Christmas cards this year.


John was six this year and took over drawing the card.

Front        Inside


John drew the card for us this year.

Front        Inside


We used a wintery photo for this year’s card.
This was the first time we printed them, rather than silk-screening them.

Front        Inside


We would spend Boxing Day to New Years at the Lake
and this is what the cabin looked like then.
John did the drawing on the inside.

Front        Inside


We used the same picture on the card as last year.

Front        Inside


We moved to the farm so this is the first “llama” Christmas card.
It was folded twice to make three panels.
These were our first two llamas, Cholo and Misti.

Front        Flat view


We had to cut slots for the small card to fit in.

Front        Back of inserted card


This was a big card, it was 24" wide and 16" deep.

Full Page        M    E    R    R    Y          C    H    R    I    S    T    M    A    S   


John drew this llama for us.

Front        Inside


The bag of turkey seasoning was filled with dried spices from our garden.

It did make a few people nervous.

Front        Inside


The World’s Fair, EXPO 86 was held in Vancouver this year.

Front        Inside


John and I sat down and tried to use the names
of every vegetable we could think of for this card.

Front        Inside


Ginger was the first llama born on our farm.
John did a drawing of her when she was four days old.

Front        Inside


John did this drawing of Moondancer, who was six months old.

Front        Inside


The farm was pretty musical at times with all the animals and birds.

Front        Inside


This card confused a few people as they had to scratch the silver patches
to find out who sent the card. (It would be hard to guess!)
We enclosed a scratch and win ticket with each card.

Front        Next two panels        Inside        Full view


Ambassador doesn’t really have antlers.

Front        Inside


This card was twenty-eight and a half inches wide.

Front        Panel two        Panels three and four        Panel five        Panel six        Full view


We couldn’t “weight” to send this card out.

Front        Inside


We used as many fibre terms as we could think of.

The card was folded so that the piece of llama wool
would run from the spinning wheel to the llama’s tail.

Front        Inside


Ogden Nash didn’t go far enough.

Front        Inside


Our first grandson, Graham was born in July
so had to feature him on this year’s card.

Front        Inside


A silly saga about getting a Christmas tree.

Front        Inside        Back        Poem


We realized that the millenium didn’t actually start
until 2001, but everyone wanted to celebrate it this year.

Front        Inside


One way of ensuring a white Christmas.

Front        Inside


Graham’s brother, Ethan, was born just before Christmas
of 2000, so he had to wait to get on this year’s card.

Front        Inside


Michael was born in August, a cousin for Graham and Ethan.

Front        Inside


Jane took this photo of Brian with the pack llamas
at the top of Windy Pass in the South Chilcotins in July.

Front        Inside


This photo of Jane with the pack llamas was taken at
Piper Pass in the Kananaskis country of Alberta last July.

Derek, a brother to Michael was born four days before Christmas, 2003
so he missed getting introduced on last year’s card.

Front        Inside


Jane took this photo of Brian with Sebastian at the Salmon Glacier
on our trip to the Yukon in August, 2005.

The photo on the back shows our house from the road on a wintery day.

Front        Inside        Back


You need anaglyph (red/blue) glasses to view this card in 3-D.
There was a pair enclosed with each card.

Front        Inside        Back


This year we sent out our cards via e-mail in a PDF file.
The version shown here was sent to friends without e-mail addresses.

Front        Inside        Back


The photo was taken in February 2008 on Easter Island.
We are standing in front of a moai, which is a huge stone carving.

Front        Inside


Luckily the photo was taken from our back deck in a very snowy January of 2009.

It is a good thing we didn’t wait as 2010 has been year with no winter.
That was the year that they had to truck in snow
to run the Olympic ski events on Vancouver’s Cypress Mountain.



Last spring, a pair of swallows built their nest over the basement door.
Once in a while they would rest on the string of Christmas lights.

Front        Inside        Back


Last March and April we explored French Polynesia. We started in Tahiti and sailed to the Marquesas.
Later we spent a week each on Maupiti and Tahiti Iti.
There were a lot of Christmas decorations still up.

Front        Inside


This year’s photo of a frozen pond was taken in November near Liza Lake,
which is not too far from our cabin at Marshall Lake.

Front        Page 2        Page 3


Our holly tree which started out as a tiny plant at the side of the house,
is now taller than the house.

Front        Page 2        Page 3


Sometimes it is tought to come up with a different idea for a Christmas card,
but at least this one has a “groaner” of a pun.
The printed version of the card is twenty-eight and a half inches deep.

Front        Page 2        Page 3        Page 4        Page 5        Page 6        Jane with cards       


This year’s card also has a “groaner” of a pun.

Front        Inside        Back       


In February and March we went back to French Polynesia.
We spent a few weeks in the Austral Islands, visiting Raivavae, Tubuai, and Rurutu.
Leaving there we had a week in Tahiti, and then spent ten days in New Zealand.
We just had to take photos of the Christmas decorations that were still up in those locations.

Front        Inside        Back       


Jane and I have been playing the ukulele for the past few years,
so we thought that it was time for a musical theme.

Front        Inside        Back       

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