Date of birth: September 26, 1998

A little bit about Beaujolais:

When Burgundy '95 was born we were excited as she was special from day one. Beaujolais '98 is her first offspring and she shows the same promise. She has silky, fine fibre which comes from her father and paternal grandfather. She is one of the first llamas that we have tried clicker training with and she is really quick to catch on, in fact, she walked into the trailer on a loose lead the other day! This is one extra-special young girl.

We are very pleased that Maureen Dones and Don Gibbs have fallen in love with Beaujolais decided to purchase her. They come over regularly to work with her and take her for walks and will be taking her home once all their fencing is done.

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to see Beauajolais inspecting her both of her new owners:


MLL Beaujolais '98's background:


Amistoso Ivy's Greybeard (Ivan)
Leap Year Lady
King of Prussia


Burgundy '95
Canadian Ambassador
LW The Ambassador
Madame Priscilla
Cherry Brandy

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