A few photos taken while
visiting New Zealand

In February of 2007 we flew to New Zealand to visit a number of friends with llamas.

This page shows some of the things that we saw besides llamas . . .

Prime minister of New Zealand

One of the first things we did in New Zealand was to visit Helen Clark, the prime minister and let her know that we were in the country. Unfortunately all we had was a cell phone camera so the picture of us with her is rather small.

Sunrise in Auckland

Sunrise in Auckland.

Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga.

Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach.

Gannet colony

Gannet colony near Muriwai Beach.

Gannet flying


Penny on the trail

Waterfront in Leigh.

Manganui Beach

Manganui Beach.

Matauri Bay

Matauri Bay.

Sunset on Lake Taupo

Sunset on Lake Taupo.

Mount Egmont

Mount Egmont.