Anaglyph photos of llamas

Anaglyph glasses

You will need a set of red/blue anaglyph glasses to view these pictures.

Rain Rancer, freshly sheared llama anaglyph

This anaglyph shows our llama Rain Rancer just after he had been sheared.

Marnie and llama at Othello tunnels anaglyph

In this anaglyph our friends marnie and Nick are walking Pizarro the llama
across a bridge into one of the Othello Tunnels near Hope, B.C.

Anaglyph of our stud llama Canadian Ambassador<BR>

Canadian Ambassador, our main stud llama,
likes to keep and eye on his girls in the next field.

Anaglyph of female llama, Llamaryllis

Llamaryllis is one of the girls the Ambassador watches over.

Anaglyph of llama sticking his head through gate

On the far side of the farm, Ricardo, another stud llama
sticks his head through the gate to check out his girls.

Anaglyph of llama and dog in the snow

Queen Majesta, the llama, is not sure whether or not she wants to play with Sebastian.

Autumn Wind, llama anaglyph Queen Majesta, llama anaglyph

On the left, Autumn Wind is peering out of the barn door
and on the right, Majesta is just posing with a bit of hay hanging out of her mouth.

The four anaglyphs below are a few ornaments from Jane’s llama collection.
At least they stay still when they are having their photos taken.

Pottery llama anaglyph Peruvian pottery llama anaglyph

Chilean pottery llama anaglyph Brass llamas anaglyph