This year we planned extra hard
A Christmas tree for the yard.
We rushed to the Christmas tree lot
Checked all of the trees, then we bought
The finest blue spruce of them all
Which at first seemed a little too tall.

The tree looked ever so good
In the field by the road where it stood
When covered in lights, this great tree
Should be a spectacular sight to see
But next morning we said “What's the use?”
The llamas just love to eat spruce!

Our tree which once quite a scene
Now was bare, with no sign of green
So back to the Christmas tree lot
We rushed and eventually got
A replacement tree which seemed fine
A wonderful, huge Norfolk pine.

We loaded the tree in the truck
Drove home and very soon stuck
The new tree in the field
Where it plainly appealed
To the herd. We were beaten,
Next morning the Norfolk was eaten.

We set out with axe and chain saws
And looked for a tree with no flaws
Found a hemlock and tall Douglas fir
Took them both, ’cause by now we were sure
Our llamas have never eaten these in a park.
They ate the needles, the branches and bark.

The question was now what to do
We knew that we couldn't use yew.
They love to eat cedar as well
There's really not much more to tell.
Now the only thing left that made sense
Was just to hang the lights on the fence.

“Tree Stooges” Cards
Cedar Difference

Branch Office in Mount Lehman

It beech me alder time, but by poplar demand
we'll spruce up your Christmas fir sure.
(That's it, yew may get sycamore.)